Frozen River

November 25, 2014 § 5 Comments

And mailbox, near Floodwood, Minnesota: Frozen river


Dewey Lake

October 17, 2014 § 10 Comments

I spent the afternoon with a family friend. His home, surrounded by birches, sits on a peninsula on pristine Dewey Lake, and as a child, I filled many fantastic days here playing, fishing, and snowmobiling, among other adventures.

Dock Birch Peninsula Birches and evergreens

Roy G. Biv: Violet

October 15, 2014 § 6 Comments

I’ve made it to the final day of my color experiment. Indigo was difficult to pinpoint in terms of hue, but violet won the prize for hardest to find. But it’s out there, and I took liberties to include everything from lilac to purple to eggplant to plum.

All photos were taken today in northern Minnesota on an exquisite autumn day. Moderate temps, full sun, and changing leaves made for a beautiful landscape, and based on the drive north, I’m guessing the entire state is bathed in fabulous color.

An Ocean and Mountains with a Minnesota Accent

September 26, 2014 § 1 Comment

All good things must come to an end, including three days of vacation on Lake Superior’s North Shore during the peak of autumn colors.

After a lifetime spent in this area, I’m always in awe of hills as large as mountains and a lake that mimics the ocean.

Before I return to the schedule I left behind, indulge me as I take one moment to reflect on Tofte, Lutsen, Grand Marais, and all the villages and trails in between on the largest of the Great Lakes.


September 24, 2014 § 1 Comment

Scenic Cafe, North Shore, Lake Superior, on holiday


Points West

September 20, 2014 § Leave a comment

Last Day at the Midway

September 1, 2014 § 2 Comments

It’s the final hurrah for the 2014 Minnesota State Fair, and I hit it hard (and for the first time in several years).

I meandered through most of the major attractions — the Food, Agriculture, and Fine Arts Buildings (Minnesotans really are a talented tribe), West End Marketplace, the Midway, Machinery Hill. Listened to some music. I didn’t spend much time around the barns — I always feel bad for the animals, who are likely scared to death of those little hands grabbing at their fur and feathers, ears and tails. I would have liked to say hello to a lamb or goat, but they closed that barn down just as I arrived.

I ran this morning and came fasting, so that should have put me in champion eating form for the day. But I ate very little, which puts me in some sort of loser category. All my friends boast about the many foods they consume in one short afternoon or evening at the fair. Yet I couldn’t swallow more than a small sandwich from Manny’s Tortas and a cone of cookies from Sweet Martha’s, half of which I dropped at the WCCO Radio booth while watching a lame rendition of The Newlywed Game. I stopped eating hours ago and I’m still full.

Marathon food consumption is truly an American art, and it’s not for the meek and timid. But I would like to know the secret. Does it involve pacing, like for a race? Do winners only take a couple bites then throw the rest away? Do they offer leftovers to passersby or people waiting in line for the same food? Do they throw it to the barnyard animals? How did Templeton the Rat, a favorite character from Charlotte’s Web, manage it? All fat and happy rolling around the fairgrounds after rummaging through the waste tossed out by fairgoers, at the ready to hit the buffet again.

But my objective was not to overeat — it was to take photos. I even got on the SkyGlide to take pictures from above. However, I forgot to account for my severe fear of heights. The first half of the ride yielded nothing. But I finally relaxed and set into a rhythm.

Lesson learned, I still took more than 200 photos throughout the day. My favorites are below.

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