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Prime time for local gardens, flower and vegetable:

If The Weather Channel Really Wanted to Make Mom Happy on Her Birthday, It Would Bring Back Heather Tesch

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My sweet-as-pie mom turns another year older today.

Did I ever tell you that Mom knows the full names of every anchor/reporter on The Weather Channel and comments regularly on wardrobes and weights (“I think Jen might be pregnant”)? She worries when one is missing or bumped into a less desirable time slot (“I’m concerned they’ve replaced Heather Tesch with some young no-talent hipster”). And for the record, she does not enjoy waking up with Al, so let’s just cancel that monstrosity, shall we?

Her body rhythms are set to when the “Local on the 8s” and “Weekly Planner” segments air, and usually the remote is within her immediate reach so she can hit “Power” at the magic moment. However, she often gets engrossed in telling a story about her hair or why she swears she will never, ever watch “Dancing with the Stars” again. She’ll casually look at the clock, jump, and lament loudly how it’s 10:22 and two minutes of the “Weekly Planner” are lost to the cruel vagaries of time. Instead she’ll have to sit patiently for another hour to find out if it’s going to rain five days from now.

Mom’s despondent if she forgets to empty the rain gauge before the next downpour or sprinkle (either counts), and she drives Dad batty in autumn when the temperature dips below freezing and she drags him out of bed to help cover her multiple flower beds with old sheets and pillowcases.


Back in the days when Mom didn’t make Dad cover the flowers late at night — December 1972

Of course, Mom’s personality and interests stretch beyond weather. The reasons why I love her are plentiful. She became active in the women’s movement and did so in a community where it wasn’t fashionable or appreciated. Mom also earned a master of social work so she could help victims of domestic abuse. She’s made us proud. She also:

  • Relates a brief story the longest way possible.
  • Attends more rock concerts than her daughter (Aerosmith, Springsteen, The Stones, Tom Petty, Dylan, Paul Simon – I’m sure I’ve missed several).
  • Recognizes raw reporting skills bred from the upstart Duluth TV stations, proudly watching her favorite wet-behind-the-ears talents move up in the world (e.g., Sven Sundgaard, Edward Moody).
  • Knows the answer to every grammar question I toss at her.
  • Tends her beautiful, beloved gardens devotedly.
  • Takes care of me when I’m sick or downhearted.
  • Creates exceptional egg and potato dishes – potato salad, scalloped potatoes, egg salad, deviled eggs.
  • Worries about her family — if it’s heading toward midnight and I haven’t uploaded my daily blog post yet, she assumes the worst, calling or emailing to ensure I’m safe and okay. It’s good to be loved.

On top of that, she’s still the most beautiful woman in the world. I know she dislikes growing older. Yet she is so young in spirit that all my visions of her are full of light and silliness and laughter. For that, she deserves a lifetime of happiness and love.

And I love her dearly.


Christmas 2010

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New York Botanical Gardens, The Bronx

The Quotidian Photograph

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The Quotidian Photograph

Wine-makin’ fixins

The Quotidian Photograph

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The Quotidian Photograph


The Quotidian Photograph

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The Quotidian Photograph


The Quotidian Photograph

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The Quotidian Photograph

Fly on muffler in garden on street in Saint Paul

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