(Lack of) Closet Space

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Need to purge:

Pinks, purples, blues, and yellows

Pinks, purples, blues, and yellows



Dresses, Dachshunds, and Damascus

September 5, 2013 § 2 Comments

My little alphabet project is winding to a close, with Sunday and the letter “a” concluding the series. I’ve enjoyed this experiment immensely over the last several weeks and am relieved I’ve been able to develop posts that weave in the letter of the day. (Successfully or not is up for debate.)

But tonight, my creativity is at a low ebb, and I’m only willing to eke out a few sentences inspired by the letter “d.” Unfortunately, I’m all over the map on this one, so feel free to scroll down to a topic that is of interest and forego reading the other passages.


After work, I went shopping to find a dress for a swanky wedding I’m attending this weekend. A friend of mine since kindergarten is tying the knot, and she’s a fashionista, so I’m obliged to glam it up. I actually love shopping for special occasions, but I often have lousy luck finding what I need when I need it. But not today. I tried on five dresses at the first store I stopped into and ended up buying three. I’m not sure which dress I will wear. I’m guessing it will be this one, which I was told goes great with my hair color and eyes — words every girl longs to hear:

Only problem is the lighting in the dressing room sucked, so I'm only going to show you this bad, over-the-shoulder shot that will mean nothing to you

Only problem is the lighting in the dressing room sucked, so I’m only going to show you this bad, over-the-shoulder shot that will mean absolutely nothing to you


How are you spending your Saturday? The annual dachshund races take place in Wayzata, Minnesota, this weekend, but you probably already knew that. On the slim chance you didn’t, imagine dozens of yapping wiener dogs vying for victory in sprint and low-hurdle races. There used to be a lounge chair-leaping contest, but I believe that’s been retired. If you can tolerate all that nervous dachshund energy, I recommend a visit. I’d like to say I’d see you there, but I still have shoes to buy and hair to style (see “Dresses” above), so will likely bow out. But here’s an action shot from four years ago:

A ruthless hurdle competition that crowns only one wiener

A ruthless hurdle competition that crowns only one wiener


Is it just me or does this Syrian crisis freak you out? I’ve read my share of books on genocide (I recommend A Problem from Hell by Samantha Powers, a sobering look at our country’s inaction during previous atrocities), and feel something should be done to ensure another Armenia or Holocaust or Rwanda doesn’t recur. Bombing Syria certainly doesn’t sit well with me, but neither does a non-response. At least Congress and citizens around the country and world are thinking thoughtfully and debating seriously about the consequences of whatever action our country takes.


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Fashionable TPing


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Quaint evening bag/clutch found at local vintage store


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How was yours?

Best food/wine:

  • Chocolate hazelnut torte — Prairie Kitchen
  • Fondue — Barbette
  • Prosecco/cava

Best sighting:

Hundreds of geese and one lonely beaver on Powers Lake in Woodbury

Best drive-by:

Como Lake, late evening

Favorite non-daily photos (from the last week):

Biggest disappointment:

No sunshine


  • Discovering a body of water hidden in the city
  • Deep, funny discussions with good friends and my mom
  • Cute Uniqlo outfits
  • Long run
  • Movie on a big screen

Best movie: 

Anna Karenina — pure art and theater; a feast for the eyes

Best re-discovered song (while listening to The Current):

All Things Must Pass” by George Harrison

The Quotidian Photograph

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The Quotidian Photograph

Couture gowns, Warehouse District

The End of the Affair

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I’m scheduled to fly back home on Wednesday, thereby ending my two-month relationship with New York. We both knew this was coming, but I had hoped we’d live it up until the last days. Halloween parties, last-minute shopping sprees, gallery hopping, ice skating in Bryant Park, a last run around the Reservoir, and dinner at a romantic restaurant or two.

But like all fickle boyfriends, New York is moving on, pouring his affection on Sandy. I haven’t seen New York this riled up since Irene (his last love-’em-and-leave-’em girl). He can’t stop talking about evacuation plans; MTA shutdowns; and water, AA battery, and Campbell’s Soup hoarding. New York no longer loves me, but I guarantee Sandy will just break his heart and a couple of windows in the process.

Which is why I think it best that I leave now rather than stand by and watch the whole sad state of affairs transpire. I hold no grudges, just a broken heart. I love this city and always find it difficult to turn away. Better to have loved, I suppose, as the saying goes…

At least dear, sweet, devoted St. Paul always takes me back.

* * *

Little something I wrote. Enjoy.

* * *

Yesterday I wore the cutest dress to work. One of those with a full, flouncy skirt. Unfortunately, every time I went up the subway stairs, my dress would fly up, all Marilyn Monroe-like. I keep unintentionally flashing people in this city. Yet I haven’t heard any complaints; no arrests made, no citations issued.

I’ll take that as I sign that I’m not dead yet.

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