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Lobby, Work, 5 p.m.

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Lunch at the Library

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Minneapolis, downtown:

Beth’s Reading

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A fine life consists of moments when people you care about are celebrated for their creativity, talents, and smarts. My friend Beth is an exceptional writer, teacher, and person, loved and admired by many, including me. Today she did a short reading from her story featured in American Fiction, Volume 13. “The Story of Cha Cha McGee” is funny, heartbreaking, and a favorite of mine. Beth, along with two other authors in the anthology, drew a packed crowd at the beautiful and serene Lakewood Cemetery in the Garden Mausoleum. (It sounds creepy. It wasn’t. The space is an architectural gem.)

All three writers enraptured the crowd, owning their moment in the winter light, for each is certainly well-deserving of their spot in the book and at any podium smart enough to invite them.

A few photos before, during, and after the event:


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Alleyways are interesting in any weather. Today it was -30 windchill, and it felt like it.


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Winter warmth leads to fog and murk, lending an eerie air to the downtown lights.

Lunch Hour, Minneapolis

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Blue barrier

Blue barrier

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