About the blog: The Quotidian Diary consists of the photo of the day and my musings on whatever moves me. As the blog evolves, I hope to focus on a theme. Stick with me while I figure it out. I’d appreciate the company (and the feedback).

About me: Adjectives, people, nouns, thoughts and ideas that best describe me, what I love, what engages my mind and what makes my heart skip a beat (in no particular order):

My family and friends, The New Yorker, The New York Times, Wes Anderson, Manhattan (the place and the movie), The Tenants of Moonbloom, Roald Dahl, children’s picture books, dogs (the bigger, the better), concerts in small venues, Charlie Chaplin, silent films, documentaries, Sky Pesher, running, lemon cheesecake, popovers, paper art, abstract drawings, quirk, optimism, generosity of time and spirit, autumn, snowfall, running in the rain or a snowstorm, snowshoeing, screenplays, E.B. White, Jeff Tweedy, handwritten notes and letters, old typewriters, maps, reunions, furniture and clothes I can’t afford, writing, The Bachelor Farmer, small-town Nebraska, the dictionary, the thesaurus, gift wrapping, continuing education, archives, old family photos, black and white cookies, cemeteries, Mason Jennings, holiday cards, piecing together seemingly unrelated information, qualitative research, ethnography, giraffes, caramelized onions, Pageant Print Shop in the East Village, the obnoxious buffet line at Dishes in Midtown, reading a book while waiting, running up the west side of Manhattan into Central Park up to Harlem until I can’t run any more and then taking the subway home…

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